Oscillation or vibration is the repetitive deviation from a state of equilibrium over time, as well as the transition between two or more states. The changing (oscillating) property can be a coordinate determining the position of an object (e.g., in the case of a pendulum), environmental pressure (e.g., sound pressure), electric voltage (in the case of alternating current), field strength (in the case of electromagnetic waves), brightness (e.g., variable star), etc.

Oscillation Period



tā€” duration of the oscillation;
Nā€” number of complete oscillations.

The period is inversely proportional to the frequency:


Oscillation Frequency

Frequency is the number of repetitive events (usually oscillations, pulses, etc.) within equal time intervals.


The unit of frequency in the SI system is hertz (Hz): 1 event per second is 1 hertz.

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