Estonian islands

As of 2015, Estonia has a total of 2222 sea islands, of which 318 are larger than 1 hectare. Combined with islands located in larger inland bodies of water, Estonia has a total of 2355 islands. 97% of the inhabitants of Estonian islands live on Saaremaa, Hiiumaa, and Muhu. According to the 2011 Census, the islands have a permanent population of 40,715, which accounts for 3% of Estonia's permanent population. In the 2015 count, due to land uplift, other islands have merged and are not included in the official list of sea islands: Kassari, Võilaid, and Suur-Tulpe.

Estonian Islands

IslandArea (km2)Population
Hiiumaa1018.49 km²8995
Muhu204.86 km²1476
Vormsi93.34 km²415
Naissaar18.93 km²3
Kihnu17.1 km²487
Väike-Pakri13.5 km²5
Suur-Pakri12.68 km²0
Ruhnu11.87 km²55
Vilsandi9.39 km²22
Abruka9.28 km²16
Piirissaar7.5 km²53
Prangli6.61 km²169
Osmussaar4.87 km²6
Vohilaid4.48 km²0
Tauksi3.66 km²0
Aegna3.01 km²11
Kõinastu laid2.66 km²1
Väike-Tulpe2.08 km²0
Manilaid2.06 km²52
Kesselaid1.75 km²4
Heinlaid1.49 km²6
Saarnaki laid1.43 km²0
Liialaid1.31 km²0
Kaevatsi laid1.25 km²0
Loonalaid1.22 km²0
Rammu saar1.12 km²0
Kõrksaar0.91 km²0
Pedassaar0.9 km²0
Hobulaid0.89 km²1
Viirelaid0.87 km²0
Udriku laid0.84 km²0
Hanikatsi laid0.83 km²0
Suurrahu0.79 km²0
Vahase0.72 km²0
Taguküla laid0.67 km²0
Mohni0.61 km²0
Aksi0.59 km²0

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